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Homemade Cream Cheeses Made-to-Order

Delight in a fresh bagel topped with homemade cream cheese, or get 8 ounces of your favorite flavor to enjoy at home. All orders are made fast and fresh from our family owned and operated team.

Cream cheese bagel Cream cheese bagel
  • Plain

  • Lite

  • Garden vegetable

  • Salmon

  • Strawberry

Try an 8oz. cream cheese to go!

Explore the tastiest bagels and pastries made fresh daily at Bagel Bakery Cafe. Your love for fresh Maryland crabs will reach a new level with our crab dip bagels topped with homemade veggie cream cheese.


Check out our cream cheese menu, click here for the complete menu.

Treat yourself to our signature crab dip bagel

Cream cheese bagel

Call our licensed team to order!


Enjoy the freshest breakfast in town coupled with fast and friendly service.

  • Honey walnut

  • Jalapeno

  • Lite sundried tomato

  • Onion and chive

  • Spinach and artichoke

Plain • Lite • Garden Vegetable

Salmon • Strawberry • Honey Walnut

Jalapeño • Lite Sundried Tomato

Onion and Chive • Spinach and Artichoke

On a Bagel


Nova and Cream Cheese

Nova 4 oz. Package




½ lb.